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How To Deal With Distractions

Bernard Shaw has been known worldwide for his outstanding theatrical plays, essays, novels and inspirational quotes. He was a self-taught literary scholar and writer who spent plenty of time at a desk with lots of books, quill pens, ink and paper.

His fame drew lots of people to see him, which soon became overwhelming. So much so that he invented a clever method to secure his privacy and quiet.

A hired carpenter built him an inconspicuous little cabin, near the main house at his sprawling country estate in Hertfordshire in 1930, and in that small space Mr. Shaw spent most of his time writing.

He named this little writer’s hut “London” and instructed the maid at the main house to tell random visitors: “Mr. Shaw has gone to London” without any further explanations. The visitors took it literally, thinking that Mr. Shaw went to the city and wasn’t home, so they left.

This clever method allowed him to virtually disappear and focus for hours and days on exciting new writings, keeping distractions at bay.

The little writer’s cabin was instrumental for Mr. Shaw’s talent. Vital to the production of countless eye-opening ideas and realizations about life for his contemporaries and future generations of readers.

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