Story of Urban Cabins

Hi! My name is Mitt.

I am the founder and product manager at Urban Cabins. I came to do this through freelancing.
I wish for you to experience the lifestyle of a successful freelancer. Flexible schedule, freedom to work or take a break whenever you want and a decent income!
Personally it was really liberating when I first got into freelance and found a paying niche back in 2013.
Today there are many more opportunities to find your paying niche. Online content creator and gig economy, e-commerce and e-learning, and the barriers to entry getting lower every day!
Unfortunately freelance work from home often comes with two major problems: lack of work space and household distractions.
My struggles led me to an idea for a product that can help freelancers with families like myself to create a private home office right in their backyard. I got the inspiration for this when reading about the garden office trend in the UK.
I thought many people may want to start working from home but struggle simply because they don’t have a space to themselves. I discovered that even founders of HP, Apple, Google and Amazon had all begun in a small garage where they passionately worked on their business.
After doing my research I found several products on the market, but none of them were as affordable, quick and easy to install as I imagined they should be. Finally, I came across a manufacturer that had exactly what I wanted, and the Urban Cabins Company was born.
At Urban Cabins we believe in providing an affordable and safe workspace that acts as a catalyst for your productivity. You may finally get yourself a place to launch your career of content creator or freelancer.
If you value privacy and productivity, simple inconspicuous design, opportunity to be very close to home but without the usual household distractions then consider our office cabins.
Feel free to get in touch and ask me anything about our home office kits or share your feedback on using one.
Thanks and be well on your professional journey!